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KYŌ Omakase is a Japanese fine dining restaurant that fuse traditional Japanese approach (edomae style) with innovative ingredients and techniques resulting in beautiful and delicious creations.

The mark of KYŌ is an intertwined origami ribbon that represents the euphoric feelings of pleasure and joy when you receive each handcrafted sushi from our talented chefs just as you would feel when opening a very beautiful gift.


KYŌ is an upscale Japanese Omakase-style compact yet intimate restaurant to evoke one’s taste
bud and a memorable dining experience. The obscure word “Omakase’’ means ‘’I will leave it up to you’’
which the customer entrusts the chef’s culinary talents to select and serve seasonal specialties.


Thus, the viewable kitchen exhibits the crucial point that has been designed to emphasize
a contrast from the delicate and minimal tones with a circle arch
and seasonal zen garden. 

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